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Girls, meet your mentor.

“The first time I saw her was just outside of an English classroom. She was backed up against a locker surrounded by the other girls she let in her circle, laughing out loud as she threw her long bleach blonde hair back in a ponytail, tossed her sweats over her shoulder and waved off the crowd at the sound of the bell, heading in the direction of the gym locker-room…

She had the guy she wanted, always. Through high-school and beyond. Forevermore, she called the shots and was in complete control. She never fretted nor cried over a guy. I mean come on, is magnet ever concerned over a piece of metal? Never. And my friend Maggie knew she could have whomever she wanted, she knew she had the secret formula to get a guy; the tenacity to keep a guy; the ability get a guy back if she wanted him, and, this power, she had over any guy, any guy she wanted, for that matter. Any. Guy.” (Excerpt Chapter 3)

So, this book holds all of Maggie’s secrets for getting the guy. (That’s Maggie today on the cover. No more bleach in her hair but she’s just as fabulous as ever!) Since she wasn’t going to write it, I talked her into spilling the beans and sharing these tried and true methods with you. For you. Methods to getting the guy, getting the guy to notice you, keeping the guy or getting the guy to give you the ring. This is the result of that. I hope you enjoy it!


The methods to use to get the guy to propose in a very short period of time. This should never take years and doesn’t need to!

The big no-no’s when it comes to getting the guy and how you can be the dumper and never the dump-ee.

How NOT to drive him away and we can even help you recover if he’s already broken up with you.

How to not cut the relationship short so you can be sure you have plenty of time to qualify him as possible husband material before you tell him good-bye (or decide to move to the next level and get the ring.)

How to attract the man for the long-term and how to get him to stay and propose to you quickly. And so much more!

Oh, and beautiful princess, please do make sure he’s the one (or at least a good one) because one very important thing to remember is this: these principles are powerful, and they work.


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Tiffany Twist is the author of 3 books, Tiffany Twisted (2004) and Some Dance (2005). Tiffany’s newest title is: Kill the Beast and Build Your Own Castle, Princess, He’ll Chase You Down With the Ring.

Tiffany is an entrepreneur, the founder and owner of 2 hair extension companies, ManeMaxx® and WEST COAST HAIR®.

Tiffany is a wife and a mom of 4 and a grandmother. Tiffany lives in Minneapolis but hates snow, loves the Caribbean and can often (soon) be found there.

Tiffany believes everyone has a treasure to discover and can help you find yours. Join the tribe or learn more here!