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"As always, thank you again for your valuable input and advice. I couldn't have done any of this without your initial help. You really got me on the right track and helped me…. I am extremely grateful!!" -Paul
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Hair Stuff: What You MUST Know Save Your (Short, Broken) Hair!
The hair care industry is full of products with cheap, garbage ingredients that have been sitting on shelves and in warehouses for years before they're trucked across the country to sit on your shower shelf and scrubbed into your skin and follicles ... ewwww .... and when you keep using them, your hair becomes dry, broken and unmanageable. Bad hair? I can help you fix that because I've formulated a better way, a way to BEAUTIFUL hair.
The products you need.
The HandBand: What You Need To Never Lose Or Drop Your Phone Again! 
As an ADHD + entrepreneur, I took an annoying problem: Leaving my phone in random, unfindable places (or the constant fear of it) and fixed it with a comfortable, secure and luxe band for my hand. Adding art to it made THIS creation both function and fashion for your phone. Then, I decided in to create a business from it and in 72 hours, the HandBand was born. 

How did I do it?
The courses you want.
Entrepreneur Stuff: This Is The Fastest Way To Grow Your Side Gig
Seriously, are you bossin' the ONE life a boss should be bossing? Don't be too serious. Make sure you play. I enjoy sharing stories that give us permission to accomplish big things and how being less serious can make life more exciting. 

(That's 3 serious's in one paragraph, so this MUST BE serious! Yet not supposed to be, right? Seriously, I'm the boss here.. Go play!) 

The video you've heard about.
Have You Heard About My Soft bond™ Hair Extensions? Here's What People Are Saying:
"Not only do I love the product but I love the service!!"
Tiffany and Stephanie are so kind and went above and beyond to make me feel comfortable. Furthermore the shampoo and conditioner that Tiffany just launched is an absolute game changer!! They have given me the tools to manage my extensions at a minimal cost and the knowledge to make sure I do not do damage to my actual hair! 
Tabitha, 27 - Lexington, KY
"This company has my full recommendation."
Stephanie and West Coast Hair extensions have been amazing and given me the hair I have always dreamed of. Just spent two weeks in Florida on the sand and in the sea and they are in perfect condition. I just love to watch people's reactions when they talk about my beautiful hair. Staff is very professional and have always immediately went out of their way to respond to my emails and texts with my questions. 
Colleen, 35 - St Paul, MN
"I so love the natural look..."
I have fine thin hair...and West Coast Hair came up as the forefront for natural safe hair extensions. Here is my personal experience: 
1. No tugging, pulling or pain when applied. 
2. Stephanie meticulously match my highlights and lowlights. 
3. ..soft bonds are lighter weight versus the glue bond and flows naturally. 
4. ...made me feel every question was important and took the time to respond in a respectful professional way.
JJ, 31 - Woodridge, IL
1406 W Lake Street Minneapolis
Tiffany's Minneapolis Store On Lake Street
FRESH BATCHES! Tiffany’s Super Secret 2-Step Cleansing System Especially Formulated For Fewer Washings and Healthy Hair Growth.
A natural alternative that is better for you, your health and your hair strands. JUST CLEAN HAIR formula is: 
• Sulphate-Free Cleansers Without Carcinogens 
• Silicone-Free
• Without Ingredients That Coat Hair or Clog Follicles
• Essential Oils To Help Stop & Prevent Hair Loss
• Extracts That Encourage Healthy Hair Growth
• Humectants Keeps Hair Hydrated, Soft & Bouncy
• Vegan
• Cruelty-Free
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